Everyone is born creative,
everyone is given a box of
crayons in kindergarten.
Then when you hit puberty they take the crayons away and replace them with books on algebra etc. Being suddenly hit years later with the creative bug now is just a wee voice telling you, 
“I would like my crayons back, please.”

So if you’ve got the itch to do something. paste a collage, start a painting, design a rangoli , turn your recipe to decorate a salad plate, craft a model out of just anything into a proper business, whatever. You don’t know where the itch came from; it’s almost like it just arrived on your doorstep, uninvited... sometimes we just realize that doing something creative is one of the most amazing experience one can have, in this or any other lifetime.. Club srishti, ITER giving the hectic life of a technical students such a chance..

Founded in the year 2007 with an ambitious message of innovation and creativity. The club not only encourages budding artists, but is also instrumental in making a person realize his true potentials.
Thus we believe " creativity needs a drive , we reflect it in our actions "