“We are very lucky to have such engg. students, who organise very creative extra-curricular activities along with their studies. Carry on SRISHTI, carry on!”

-Prof. (Dr.) M.P. Jain
SOA University
date: 29.10.10

“In the year 2010-11, SRISHTI is making very innovative & creative events. These are very much appreciated. I congratulate to all the organizers & club members.”
-Dr. R.K. Hota
Add. Dean, ITER, SOAU
date: 29.10.10

"The club, itself, has kept its dignity from the day it was started. This year, SRISHTI has beautifully managed many new events, that I personally appreciate. I wish, this will continue further & further."
-Dr. B.K. Sarap
Dy. Chairman, ITER, SOA University

date: 04.02.11